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This article first published in South Asian Focus, Issue 1, April 2010. is to investigate the demographic, institutional and occupational factors affecting crime and violence in India. The article explores the social science perspective of crime and violence in India, its perceptions and treatments in the current socio-political environment, the causal relationships that have built the contemporary Indian crime-prone society and the situation of the Indian police. The article begins with a general discussion of the social science perspective of crime and violence. Secondly, it provides an overview of the data-base from which the current crime scene and society of India can be studied. Third, the article examines the causal relationship between the socio-demographic, institutional and occupational factors and the growth of violence in India and the subsequent criminal justice response. The article then discusses the way in which, in the contemporary India, various agencies have co-opted, facilitated or restricted the 'time-honoured' treatment of crime and violence in the Indian criminal justice system. Finally, it explores the impact of the socio-demographic, institutional and occupational factors on the Indian police. It concludes by arguing that crime and violence need to be recognized as a continuing problem rather than a transient one. Keywords: Crime and violence, sociology, social science perspective, violence, criminal justice, policing. In the social sciences the word 'crime' has connotations not only of the antisocial behaviour but also of the social reaction to the delinquency of human beings. The term 'crime' is used in a wide sense, that is, it includes any individual or collective activity, which is not consistent with the social norms. The social norms are perceived to be the collective traditions, customs, behavioural attitudes and practices of any community, organized and/or unorganized. The word 'delinquency' is defined as the contravention of a norm. The social norms could be the social practices, the beliefs, and the behavioural attitudes of a community. The word'social' means social or social relation. The word'relation' may have a number of meanings. It could mean (a) an association, or (b) a state or status and (c) an interrelationship between certain individuals and/or organisations. So, for example, the word 'crime' includes 'crime' (to cause injury to others), 'delinquency' includes 'delinquency' (to commit an offence), 'crime' includes 'delinquency' and 'delinquency' includes 'crime'. There are a number of ways to categor




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Criminology And Penology By N.v Paranjape.pdf italrei

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